The P&F Committee, made up of parent volunteers, meets regularly to discuss, organise and plan events to benefit SCEGGS parents and the wider SCEGGS community.

The Committee is elected at the AGM, held in March each year and meets four times per year. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.

If you would like to find out more about the roles on the P&F Committee or are interested in joining in the future please contact President, Rob Jessup.

Mr Rob Jessup
Vice President
Mrs Penny Newton
Mr Paul Johnston
Ms Katerina Katsikalis
Secondary School Convenor
Mrs Jenne Tsangaris
Primary School Convenor
Mrs Sunny Lusted

Committee Members
Mrs Claudine Cooney
Ms Elisabeth Drysdale
Mrs Samantha Masnick
Ms Dianne Nguyen
Mrs Bree Parker
Ms Louise Mitchell-Zancanaro