“Walk the Mile” – with Rev Garry Lee-Lindsay

2020 compelled many organisations and individuals to reshape or reimagine their daily lives, routines and structures. And how Chapel at SCEGGS was conducted was no exception! There was a time when Chapel became a series of videos filmed in Rev Lee-Lindsay’s office rather than the usual congregational meeting.

The format was different as well in that the common religious service was replaced with a discussion around certain topics, supported by different readings from the Bible and current affairs. The feedback received from these videos was very encouraging where both students and staff appreciated the opportunity to hear a discussion but also to carry on from that discussion within their own groups, both formally and informally. The suggestion was made about starting a podcast. Peter Eyers (Head of Drama and the creator of his own podcast “Stages”) and Rev Lee-Lindsay began working on this in Term 2020 and on 15 October 2020, launched the pilot episode of “Walk the Mile”.

The name comes from one of the hymns sung in Chapel “Brother, Sister, let me serve you”. In one of the verses, it speaks about walking the mile and bearing the load. One of the core values that we hold here at SCEGGS is that we do our best to walk with one another through whatever might be going on.

The purpose of this podcast is for the listener to feel like they can be part of the same conversation on topics that may speak to us and to create further conversations in our community.

You can access each episode of “Walk the Mile” here.

My hope is that will create further conversations where greater connections will be made. I am hoping that it is another way of building greater strength within our community and beyond.

Rev. Garry Lee-Lindsay

SCEGGS Chaplain