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Complaints and Grievances

An open and accountable ethos underpins all that we do. To this end, SCEGGS encourages open communication on any issue between the School and members of the broader school community.

Most issues that arise can be readily resolved through direct contact with the School. Parents and students are encouraged to discuss any concern with the appropriate member of staff. Information published in the School Diary provides guidance as to the range of staff who may be able to provide assistance, dependent upon the nature of the concern.

If you have a serious grievance or concern about any school related matter, including allegations of staff misconduct or reportable conduct, please raise it with Jenny Allum, or indeed, any member of the senior staff of the school – their contact details are listed on this website under Contact Us/Key contacts.

Complaints about reportable conduct (including complaints about a member of the senior staff of the school) will be addressed in accordance with the school’s Child Protection Policy, which is available from the General Office of the school.

For further information about any SCEGGS policies and/or procedures, you can contact the Head of School, or the General Office.