Once your daughter begins at SCEGGS, tuition fees will be divided between FOUR billings. For further details about how to enrol your daughter, please click here.

  Annual Tuition Fee Tuition Fee per billing
Kindergarten – Year 2 $29,600 $7,400
Years 3-6 $34,852 $8,713
Years 7-8 $43,120 $10,780
Years 9-10 $43,564 $10,891
Years 11-12 $46,436 $11,609

Technology Levy

In 2024 a technology levy of $860 will be charged.

Sundry Charges

To ensure an equitable system in relation to costs for subjects undertaken, the following will be charged separately:

  • School camps
  •  School excursions (Senior School only)
  •  Co-curricular activities such as sport
  • Extra subjects such as individual tuition for a musical instrument, speech lessons and so on.

Accounts for 2024 will comprise the following:

January April July September November
Tuition Fees Tuition Fees Tuition Fees Tuition Fees Sundry Charges
(if applicable)
Technology Levy Sundry Charges Sundry Charges Sundry Charges  
Student Diary

Student Insurance

Primary Excursion Levy        

Payment Options

Fees may be paid by BPay, cheque, direct debit or online. We accept MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express.
A credit card levy will be charged of 0.35% for MasterCard and Visa Card and 1% for American Express.

Discounts for early fee payment

SCEGGS offers a discount for the payment of fees more than 12 months in advance. You might like to consider this
discount by participating in our Fees Prepayment Plan. Please contact the Business Office if you would like to discuss any of the prepayment options in more detail.

Notice of Withdrawal

One term’s notice must be given to the Head of School in writing before the withdrawal of a student or one term’s
tuition fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

Download the Schedule of Fees.