Academic Highlights

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

We are so proud of each and every one of the girls - of their HSC results, of their academic and co-curricular achievements throughout their 13 years of schooling, and particularly their spirit and character.

The attached summary provides an overview of some of the different statistics for the different courses and highlights many successes and the depth of performance across the cohort. We congratulate the Class of 2017, every single girl, on achieving their Higher School Certificates and being the fine young women they have become.

pdf2017 HSC Results

Years K-2 Maths Fun Day

At SCEGGS we know that making mathematics real and highlighting how meaningful it is in our everyday lives is important if our girls are to blossom into confident learners who apply their understandings. We also know that mathematics is fun. With this in mind, the teachers in the Primary School facilitated a Maths Fun Day during the second semester of the year.

All girls in the Primary School participated in fun, practical mathematics activities which enriched their understanding and integrated their mathematical knowledge into a range of other key learning areas. For example, the girls in Years 5 and 6 used the simple principles of circle geometry to develop artistic mandalas.

The girls in Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 made a mathematics chatterbox, designed an image of a robot using only mathematical symbols and constructed a basketball stand using the basic units of measurement. The students in Years 3 and 4 orienteered their way around the playground, analysed shape and measurement by building a kite, and used a range of measurement tools to construct models of the houses that the three little pigs built. With a progression of skills in mind, our older girls in Stage 3 designed and constructed scaled models of significant buildings from around the world.

Every student in the Primary School also had a full session of playing mathematics games with their peers and teachers. These games ranged from simple number exercises for the younger students to complex patterning and percentage problems for the older girls.

No Maths Fun Day should end without a mathematics performer! Who would have thought they existed? In the afternoon session, the girls participated in the ‘Circular Circus’ show with a female mathematician ring master whose role in life was to solve problems for her circus. The show was filled with fun and real-world problem solving situations. It was a great way to end the day!

171122 Maths Fun Day

The children spent a wonderful day at school and were reminded once again of just how fantastic the study of mathematics really is.


Success in the 2017 Maths Olympiad Competition

Each year, a group of students from Years 5 and 6 participate in the Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads competition for Primary students. The main aims of the competition are to develop the students’ problem solving skills and to stimulate enthusiasm and enjoyment in mathematics. This year, nationally, over 32 000 children participated in the Primary competition and the SCEGGS Darlinghurst Primary School team did particularly well. Our girls were required to complete five problem-solving papers over the course of the year.

Two of our Year 6 students, Laura Davies and Amelia Moran, achieved a perfect score for the entire year. These girls have been awarded a Maths Olympiad medal. Along with Laura and Amelia, another five members of our team finished in the top 10% of children competing in the program. They were Lydia Bodsworth, Ruby Cooney, Harriet Darnell and Sophia Wood in Year 6, and Georgina Madsen in Year 5.

Individual students’ results are cumulatively tallied into a whole school score throughout the competition. Our final team score for 2017 placed SCEGGS Darlinghurst Primary School in the top 25% of schools. All members of the team are to be congratulated for an outstanding effort.

Create Through the Arts Focus Day K-6

Towards the end of Term II, the Primary School hosted a Focus Day centred on the arts. The girls in Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 looked at activities based on Colour and Symphony, with musical excerpts taken from Saint-Saens’ Carnival of the Animals. In Stage 2, the target era was Pop Art and Disco; this really brought out the girls’ colourful side in their choices of costumes for the day. In Stage 3, Street Art and Rap Music were the focus areas. This present day theme proved very popular with the older girls.

All of the girls participated in activities involving Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance, along with integrated experiences covering English and a range of other Key Learning Areas. Activities included an Under the Water artmaking theme for the girls in Kindergarten to Year 2, energetic disco dancing for the Years 3 and 4 girls and learning the techniques of street art for the Years 5 and 6 girls.

To culminate the day’s learning, the girls attended a music and dance workshop entitled A Journey Through Time. The girls learnt about the production of music over time and reviewed some iconic pieces of music from the last 50 years. They also managed to fine-tune some of their dance moves.

Throughout the day, each of the girls created their own artistic works of art, danced to a range of music styles, created their own music, role-played and learnt more about drama and dramatic movement. Teachers and students alike had a fantastic day of integrated learning. We all went home knowing that we’d learnt something new, shared our creative flair and had lots of fun.

170726 Arts Focus Day

Year 9 Visual Arts Students produce a "Secret Garden"

It has been wonderful to see so many students and staff visiting the exotic secret garden installation this week.

170518 Exotic Flower GardenThank you to the Year 9 Art Teachers Ms Collier, Ms Dawson and Ms Tesoriero for a successful workshop and the resulting work.

Drone Flying at SCEGGS!

With an estimated 20 million dollar industry by 2020 and the innovative and humanitarian ways people are using Drone technology, earlier this term we organised an introductory Drone Flying class for the Year 11 TAS students. A young and exciting ‘start-up’ company “Future Flight”, came to the School and introduced our Year 11 TAS students to the wonder, possibilities and current applications of Drone Technology.

The group started with an in-depth and dynamic presentation of how influential this emerging technology is in our current societies and environments. The presentation explored the fast growing legislation around drone piloting and the ever expanding means with which people are using this versatile and exciting technology.

The students completed the session learning to pilot mini drones, with mixed success, and then piloting the larger models, DJI Phantom 4’s in a more competitive and spirited event.

All participants thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in this fun exercise with the intention of sparking a light and interest in the students’ application of this technology for future endeavours.

170622 Drones

Success for SCEGGS in the NSW Chemistry Titration Competition

An acid-base titration is a chemical analytical technique that aims to determine the concentration of an acid or a base. The NSW Schools Titration Competition is open to NSW students enrolled in Senior Chemistry, attracting over 1000 students from across the state every year.
Students compete in teams of three and, in ninety minutes, must complete a set of acid-base titrations to determine the unknown concentration of a weak acid. The team's score depends on the accuracy of the work of each member of the team.

170622 Titration Group PhotoThis year, SCEGGS entered the competition with 8 teams from Year 11 and we were the winning team at our centre. We also had teams placing 3rd and 5th. This is a great effort, considering the girls were competing with many students currently completing the HSC Course.

The Year 11 students comprising the winning team were:

  • Johanna Garrick
  • Priya Gupta
  • Ellen Kriedemann

We were incredibly proud of the commitment each girl put into training and the calm way they handled the competition, carried out the analysis, and had lots of fun along the way!

SCEGGS girls successful in world wide Latin Examination

The International Latin Examination is a worldwide examination for High School Latin students. Approximately 140,000 students across the world sat for the Examination this year.

Latin students from Years 9 – 12 at SCEGGS participated in the Examination and achieved outstanding results. Every SCEGGS girl who sat for the Examination achieved a mark above the international average.

Ophilia Kong in Year 11 achieved a perfect score and Gold Medal in the exam. Additionally, Nine Gold Medals and three Silver Medals were awarded to our girls in Years 10-12. Congratulations to all the Latin girls on their impressive results!

Another exciting year of the Kevin Lee Latin Quiz

SCEGGS girls recently competed against eight other schools in the Kevin Lee Latin Quiz, which was hosted by our school earlier this month. Over 200 competitors and spectators attended the night.

In a fast-paced buzzer style competition, participants fought for the trophies by answering questions to do with the Latin language, culture and legacy. It was a night filled with Latin puns, great trivia, classical rivalry and a delicious supper.

The SCEGGS girls in the Senior Division (Year 10) were Harriet Harper, Leilani Hunt, Thareni Parameswaran and Sabrina Liu.

The girls in the Junior Division (Years 9-10) were finalists in their division and finished in fourth place: Rosie Adams, Zoe Crowley-Burrows, Louise Godhard and Katarina Kuo.

Congratulations to all the participants on a very fine effort. Special thanks to Year 11 girls for helping with the supper and to all the junior Latin classes for supporting their team mates.

First place in the Henry Lawson Writing Competition

Jacqueline Brown (Year 12) has been awarded first place in the High School section of the Henry Lawson Festival Writing Competition. Her narrative, “Divine Consumption,” is a biting satire of 1950s domesticity. Jacqueline has been invited to accept her award at the Festival. We congratulate her on this outstanding achievement.

Year 4 Musical The Hundred Year Snooze - the story of Sleeping Beauty ....

170620 Year 4 Concert 2

This year's Year 4 musical was performed on Friday 26 May, to the delight of the girls’ parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends. The girls brought to life the story of Sleeping Beauty, incorporating drama, music and dance in a delightful comedy. The girls learnt a great deal in their preparations for the performance, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. They were also excited to share excerpts of the production with some of our Old Girls at this year’s Ascension Day luncheon. Well done to everyone in Year 4!

170620 Year 4 Concert 1

Buildings, Bridges and Beyond! A day of engineering in the Primary School

Late in Term II the Primary School girls spent a full day immersing themselves in the world of engineering. Through exploration of the design process, the girls were engaged in a range of tasks that allowed them to think creatively and logically to find solutions to ‘real world’ engineering problems.

170511 Stage 1 Happy Builder WorkshopThe girls in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 used a character called ‘Engibear’ to explore the characteristics and qualities that engineers demonstrate. They then applied these qualities at a building workshop where they used 92,000 small wooden blocks to construct a cityscape and bridge. They then explored building bridges further through the context of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Years 3 and 4 donned their engineer hats and designed and produced an escape route for Rapunzel. By examining real world solutions for travelling from high areas to low, they were able to engineer solutions based on ziplines, pulleys and even hot air balloons!170511 Stage 2 Escape for Rapunzel Challenge

Years 5 and 6 girls travelled to another dimension, engineering a plan to help land a lunar rover onto Mars. The girls investigated methods NASA has used to land objects in space, considering the scientific principle of gravity, and worked with very limited equipment to cleverly produce solutions of their own.

The day was a great success and gave the girls an excellent insight into the design process and engineering in a real world context. We hope we have inspired some budding female engineers!