In the classroom, teachers strive to help our girls become confident, capable and self-reliant learners, able to identify their needs and overcome problems.

The work in the classroom aims to develop a range of vital skills within our students such as communication, organisation, time management, collaboration, critical thinking, adaptability and creativity. These skills are essential as learners today but also as the workers of the future.

Technology as a tool

A range of teaching strategies and resources are used to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Technology is an important tool used to enhance leaning in the classroom at SCEGGS.

In Kindergarten to Year 4 every girl has access to a digital device, while students in Years 5 to Year 12 are provided with their own Tablet PC. Access to these devices enables the girls and staff to engage with technology as required but it is not the sole medium of instruction. Equally important are the discussions, debates, writing tasks, art making, performances and the large variety of other experiences created by staff for their students.