SCEGGS provides significant technological access in every classroom and learning space. Through our 1:1 Laptop Program, every girl in Years 5-12 has their own HP convertible laptop, and we have equivalent access to technology in K-4 Classrooms with Apple iPads or laptops. Additionally, secondary students take their laptop home each afternoon.

The ICT creates many exciting possibilities for learning in a modern classroom including increased flexibility and more authentic and connected learning experiences.  It allows teachers and students to effectively access real world data, to solve more complex problems, to create simulations and ask deeper “what if” questions.

Laptops and iPads are not used for every part of every lesson, nor do they replace traditional forms of communication between students, or between students and staff, such as class discussions, group work, pen and paper tasks, oral presentations and other learning activities.

A Service Desk provides ICT support for Students, Staff and Parents. This ensures the smooth running of systems and services and minimises any impact to teaching and learning as a result of ICT related issues, including the repair of laptops.

Students are encouraged to be thoughtful about the use of laptops and mobile phones in social context such as the school playground to promote socialisation with each other in traditional ways.

Further details relevant to current students are available in Student Diary and on Cognito, the Learning Management System.