The Higher School Certificate is an internationally recognised Year 12 credential developed by the NSW Education Standards Authority. The rigorous and flexible curriculum of the HSC provides SCEGGS girls with the opportunity to:

  • Choose their subjects based on their interests, areas of strength and career aspirations
  • Gain entry to universities in both Australia and overseas
  • Study at TAFE or pursue other post-school options

The content in each course for the HSC is divided into a Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12) course. Most students will follow a 2-year program of study in Years 11 & 12 leading to the award of the HSC.

The Pathways provision allows flexibility in attaining the HSC, either through acceleration (completing courses at a faster rate than usual) or accumulation (completing courses over a longer time than usual).

For each HSC course, the girls are assessed in an ongoing internal assessment program and in the external state-wide examinations held each year. The final HSC mark achieved by each girl in her courses is the average of the scaled assessment result and the scaled examination result.

HSC course assessment

English is the only compulsory HSC subject, however, to be eligible for the award of the HSC students must satisfactorily complete a minimum:

  • 12 units of Preliminary course pattern of study
  • 10 units of HSC course pattern of study

At SCEGGS we recommend students study at least 11 units for the HSC.