Thank you to our Supporters for their generous contribution to the Light Her Path Campaign. Our campaign will be stronger with every family and every Old Girl who show their support, and we are grateful for every gift given to SCEGGS.

We thank the following Shining Lights for their gifts:


Angela Hale


Ian Narev and Frances Allan


Angus and Nikki Dawson

Andrew and Emma Gray

Fraser Hopkins

John and Amber Symond

Stephen and Phi Phi Turner

Richard Hunt and Fleur Jouault


Patty Akopiantz and Justin Punch

Marina-Portia Anthony and Scott Wharton

Simon Blackburn and Niamh Brosnan

Christy Boyce and Stephen Roberts

Terry Gagen and Jenny Allum

Kate and Dig Howitt

Ros and Paul Espie

Helen Molesworth

Paul and Cathie Oppenheim

Kevin Powell and Alison Deans

SCEGGS Parents’ and Friends’ Association

Jack and Lynette Skipper

Anne and Stephen Steigrad