SCEGGS is a diverse and inclusive school and, for generations, has been supporting girls in need, and their families. The expansion of our Scholarship Program embodies this commitment. 

We believe a vibrant and visible Scholarship Program teaches our girls the values of diversity, tolerance, social justice, and community service – all central to our ethos.

We established the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund in 2006, and now have over $12 million in the Fund to support means–tested scholarships in the school. Our goal is to reach a total of more than $20 million in this same fund over the next three years.

Currently, we have 35 students on means tested scholarships at different levels – about half of these are full scholarships and half are part scholarships providing various levels of fee relief.

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The diversity of the student population is so important to SCEGGS. In the endeavour to increase our mean-tested scholarships we will not only offer girls the opportunity to experience a SCEGGS education but also create a vibrant and exciting place to learn for all our girls.

We want SCEGGS to be a place of inquiry and wonder, where the learning comes from the individual’s own discovery and exploration, not just in the classroom, but also through their daily interactions.

Rev Garry Lee-Lindsay, SCEGGS Chaplain