We believe the world needs more strong, capable, resilient female leaders
to cultivate a future for us all founded on kindness, inclusion, diversity,
strength, creativity, empathy and compassion.


Giving has always played a part at SCEGGS. While our urban setting contributions to our diversity and connections with the world, our site also presents a unique challenge. By operating on a tiny footprint of inner-city land in Darlinghurst, SCEGGS must be much more creative as we combine our ambitions with the constraints of our location. There is no ‘spare space’ and we need to work hard to maximise the possibility of each and every square metre of our buildings to deliver the best educational experiences we can. The School has been built decade by decade from the generation of our community because while fees pay for our today, it is giving that will fund our tomorrow. 

The bottom line is simple.
We have benefited from the generosity of past generations and now it is our turn.

A SCEGGS education strives to inspire the very best in each individual girl, empowering them with self-belief and independence, while maintaining a balanced and real view of the world. Its commitment to strong social and community values, lived by, not just preached is both refreshing and authentic.
It’s an environment that young women can excel in. A place where pastoral care works alongside academic ambition. Simply, it is a very special place to educate young women.

Stuart O’Brien

Current Parent