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Mrs Deborah Aitken
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Ms Jenny Allum and Mr Terry Gagen
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Dr Leonie Armstrong
Dr Nagi Assaad and Dr Joanna Assaad
Ms Daisy Bahen
Barbara Alice Trust
Ms Theresa Baw
Mrs Janet Bell
Miss Barbara Benjamin
Ms Christy Boyce and Mr Stephen Roberts
Mrs Catherine Brenner and Dr Phillip Brenner
Mrs June Brewer
Ms Elizabeth Butcher AM
Reverend Judith Caldwell
Mrs Margaret Carr
Miss Katherine Cassim
Miss Gabrielle Clara
Mrs Marian Clarke
Mrs Jennifer Clift
Mrs Louise Cluff
Mr Richard Cogswell and Mrs Anne Cogswell
Mr Stuart Comino
Mr George Cooney and Mrs Claudine Cooney
Dr Lucy Crowley
Ms Elizabeth Cumming
Ms Rhonda Daniels
Miss Kerry Davis
Mrs Deanna Davis
Mr Angus Dawson and Mrs Nikki Dawson
Mr Edward Dawson-Damer and Mrs Joanne Grant
Mr Grant Dixon and Ms Katherine Dixon
Miss Wendy Dodd
Mrs Elizabeth Efinger
Mr Ken Emeleus and Mrs Michelle Emeleus
Mrs Beverley Everett-McQueen
Miss Kirsten Ford
Ms Eloise Ford
Mr Andrew Gallagher
Mrs Jean Gavin
Mrs Jennifer Hammond
Mr Campbell Hanan
Dr Amanda Henry
Mr Joseph Herschel
Mr Peter Hicks and Mrs Judith Hicks
Mr Fraser Hopkins
Ms Robyn Howell
Mr Diggory Howitt and Ms Katherine Howitt
Ms Clarice Hughes
Ms Tamsin Hughes
Ms Sheila Hutley and Mr Noel Hutley
Ms Margaret Ishikawa
Ms Diane Jackson
Mrs Linda Jaku and Mr Michael Jaku
Mrs Anne Judd
Mrs Michelle Kadi
Mrs Victoria Kalocsay
Ms Sarah Kearney
Ms Philippa King and Mr Cameron Cheetham
Mrs Julie King
Mr Michael Kotowicz
Mr David Krawitz and Ms Bernadette Brennan
Mr Richard Kuo and Ms Samantha Meers
Miss Janet Lean
Mrs Tina Lee and Mr Robert Lee
Mr David Lewis and Mrs Dana Lewis
Mrs Beverley Lewis
Ms Amanda Lintott and Mr Jason Downing
Mrs Jennifer Maffey
Mrs Annabelle Malmoux
Mrs Joan Mara
Mr Simon Masnick and Mrs Samantha Masnick
Miss Kathleen McCredie
Ms Julie McCrossin AM
Mr Paul McGrath
Mrs Cita Mieog
Mrs Norii Migita and Mr Yukihiro Migita
Mr Ian Narev and Ms Frances Allan
Mr Nicholas Newton and Ms Jacqueline Brown
Miss Helen Nickson
Mrs Shirley Nield
Mr David O’Loughlin and Mrs Kate O’Loughlin
Mr Paul Oppenheim and Mrs Cathie Oppenheim
Mr Morgan Parker and Mrs Bree-annan Parker
Mrs Patricia Pearce
Mr Scott Perkins and Mrs Yael Heynold
Dr Justin Playfair and Mrs Jacqueline Playfair
Miss Wendy Poulton
Mr Kevin Powell and Ms Catriona Deans
Mrs Greeba Pritchard
Mr Arthur Pulford
Mr Justin Punch and Ms Patty Akopiantz
Mr Andrew Rayment and Mrs Ciara Rayment
Mrs Anne Robinson
Mrs Gillian Rozenberg
Ms Carol Saunders
SCEGGS Parents and Friends
Mr Ronald Schaffer and Mrs Melissa Schaffer
Mrs Juliet Schmidt
Mr David Scott
Ms Lois Sharp
Dr Ruth Shatford OAM
Ms Jessica Singer
Mrs Lynette Skipper and Mr John Skipper
Mrs Carolyn Smith
Ms Anne Steigrad and Dr Stephen Steigrad
Mr Keith Stevenson
Mrs Sarah Stuart-Jones and Mr Rhett Stuart-Jones
Mrs Jane Sunman and Mr Anthony Sunman
Mr John Symond AM and Mrs Amber Symond
Ms Kay Temple
Miss Laura Tennant
Mrs Helen Thornton
Mrs Anne Titterton
Mr Stephen Turner and Mrs Phi Phi Turner
Dr Sanjyot Vagholkar
Ms Francis Walsh
Ms Sarah Walters
Mrs Ellen Ward
Mrs Sarah Weaver and Reverend Paul Weaver
Mr Andrew Wilson and Mrs Alice Wilson
Mrs Diane Winton and Mr Tony Winton
Ms Gillian Wood
Ms Susan Zipfinger and Mr Peter Andersen

Ms J Allum and Mr T Gagen
Mr G and Mrs K Anderson
Mr S Arthurs and Mrs H Hunt
Mr N Asace and Mrs F Gharakhan
Dr N and Dr J Assaad
Mr T Atkins and Ms K Barrett
Ms D Bahen
Mrs L Baker
Barbara Alice Trust
Mrs C and Mr G Barnes
Mrs J and Mr A Bell
Mr T Beresford and Ms K O’Connell
Mr K and Ms J Borges
Mrs G Bowley
Miss A Boyce
Mr A Boyd
Campbell Edwards Trust
Mr D Carroll and Ms J Dawson
Miss K Cassim
Mr C and Mrs C Chapple
Miss C Chirlian
Mr M and Mrs K Christie
Mr D Chu and Ms L Kee
Miss G Clara
Dr J Collee and Ms D Snow
Dr G and Mrs C Collins
Ms M Condonis and Ms S Goodman
Mr G and Mrs C Cooney
Mrs E Crones
Mr P Crowley and Ms S Burrows
Dr L and Mr P Crowley
Mr J and Mrs M Cridland
Mrs D and Mr D Dalley
Ms R Daniels
Dr F and Mrs S Davidson
Miss H de Vere
Dr J and Dr L Denholm
Mr W Diec and Ms A Tang
Ms K and Mr G Dixon
Lady B and Mr D Dunstan
Mr S Edwards and Ms M Taylor Edwards
Mrs E Efinger
Mrs K England Wannop
Dr A and Dr A Enno
Mr H and Mrs C FitzSimons
Miss F Forrester
Mr J and Mrs A Forrester
Dr M Foulds and Ms J Yoong
Mr C Freeland and Ms N McKenna
Mr W and Ms A Freiheit
Mr D and Mrs S Gallant
Dr R Georgiou
Mr J and Mrs V Gesouras
GMO Australia Limited
Mr D and Mrs K Grace
Mr M Hanning
Dr A Henry and Dr K Bein
Mr R and Mrs S Henry
Mr P and Mrs J Hicks
Mr V Ho and Ms D Chau
Ms D Hogan‐Doran
Mr F Hopkins
Mr D and Ms K Howitt
Mr M and Mrs L Hughes
Miss R Humphrey
Mr R Hunt and Ms F Jouault
Mr N and Ms S Hutley
Dr V and Mrs M Ireland
Dr E and Mrs S Karantanis
Mr A Kibble and Mrs E Carpenter
Ms P King and Mr C Cheetham
Dr S Kinley
Mr P and Mrs I Koinis
Mr M Kotowicz
Mr D Krawitz and Ms B Brennan
Mr R Kuo and Ms S Meers
Ms J Lawrence
Mr N Lawrie and Ms L Ramos
Miss J Lean
Mr R and Mrs T Lee
Mr G Leonard and Ms K Seymour
Mrs B and Mr B Leser
Mr V and Mrs K Liew
Ms R Lim and Mr A Chick
Mr R Lowe and Ms C Gillespie
Mr J and Mrs S Luikens
Mr B and Ms E Maclennan
Mr M and Mrs J Malouf
Mr W Manos
Mr R and Mrs D Masterman
Mr N and Mrs M Mavrakis
Mr A Mavris and Ms M Worner
Mr D May and Ms K Wyer
Mr N McGrath and Ms A Conybeare
Mrs C Mieog
Mr Y and Mrs N Migita
Mr H Morrow and Ms J Deslandes
Mr I Narev and Ms F Allan
Miss H Nickson
Mr J and Mrs S Nield
Mr L Nolan and Ms A Headford
Mrs M and Mr J Noller
Mr S and Mrs K O’Brien
Mr P and Mrs N O’Brien
Mr S O’Connell and Ms E Melville
Mr T and Mrs V Odillo Maher
Mr P and Mrs C Oppenheim
Mr T Orfanos
Assoc Prof P Palasanthiran and Dr J Lehm
Mr M and Mrs B Parker
Mr P Patkar and Mrs P Khursale
Mr D and Mrs P Pearce
Mr S Perkins and Mrs Y Heynold
Dr J and Mrs J Playfair
Ms K Pockley and Mr T Gellibrand
Mr P Poinkin and Ms K Kulakowski
Mr G and Mrs A Pompei
Mr P and Mrs M Poniros
Mr K Powell and Ms C Deans
Mr A Pulford
Mr J Punch and Ms P Akopiantz
Mr D Pysden and Ms L Martin
Ms S Rennie and Ms N Meyenn
Miss P Richardson
Mr S Roberts and Ms C Boyce
Mr S and Mrs F Robertson
Mr J and Mrs H Robson
Dr S Rothwell
Mrs P Royle
Mrs G Rozenberg
SCEGGS Old Girls’ Union
SCEGGS Parents’ and Friends’
Mr R and Mrs M Schaffer
Mrs J and Mr C Schmidt
Mr J and Mrs K Sexton
Mr F Sheng and Mrs Y Shang
Mr J and Mrs D Shin
Ms J Singer
Mrs L and Mr J Skipper
Mr G and Mrs A Slater
Mrs C and Mr G Smith
Mr R Spencer and Ms E Booker
Dr S and Ms A Steigrad
Mr R Stewart and Ms A Sclavenitis
Dr M and Mrs J Stuart
Mr A Stylianou and Ms L Bardetta
Mr A Tait and Ms J Lacoon
Mrs E and Mr R Talbot
Mr W Diec and Ms A Tang
Mr S Taylor and Ms S Gilchrist
Mr P and Mrs A Titterton
Mrs M and Mr R Trethowan
Mr S and Mrs P Turner
Dr S Vagholkar
Dr N and Mrs C Vertzyas
Mr S and Mrs B Walsh
Ms S Walters
Mr Q Wang and Ms H Yang
Mrs L and Mr P Waugh
Dr S and Reverend P Weaver
Dr J Wells and Mr A Richards
Dr M and Mr G Wells
Ms F Whalley
Mrs C White
Mr J Williams and Mrs E Van Haandel
Mr A and Mrs A Wilson
Mr C Wirasinha
Mrs F Wood
Mr S and Mrs M Wright
Mr Y Xia and Ms S Leung
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