SCEGGS is, and always will be, about the girls!

We aim for excellence in education, so our girls can be the very best they can.

About the SCEGGS Trust

Established in 1991, the SCEGGS Trust works to foster a culture of giving within our school community. A public company… Read More

Giving at SCEGGS

SCEGGS is, and always will be, about the girls! Excellence in education We aim for excellence in education, so… Read More

Wilkinson House Redevelopment

As a thoughtful and considered community, we have developed a building Masterplan which will continue to enhance the SCEGGS site,… Read More

The Scholarship Fund

Historically SCEGGS has had a long commitment to social justice, diversity and opportunity and the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund has been… Read More

The Barham Fellows Bequest Program

Leaving a Lasting Legacy SCEGGS has always had a very strong and pro-active community which is held in… Read More

The 1895 Club

To mark the School’s 125th Birthday in 2020, we had planned to establish the 1895 Club The Club, specifically… Read More

Giving at Work

Since 1991 the SCEGGS Trust, through the generous support of our community, has raised over $12 million. This philanthropic support… Read More

Give to SCEGGS

We are grateful for all gifts given to SCEGGS. Light Her Path In 2021, the SCEGGS Trust launched the… Read More

Thank You to our Donors

We thank the following donors for their generosity – these gifts have made an enormous difference!… Read More