Wilkinson House, on the corner of Forbes and St Peters Streets, occupies a significant portion of SCEGGS’ compact campus and requires significant enhancement to function effectively for the school.

Originally a block of mid-war flats completed in 1928, Wilkinson House was purchased in the 1960s by SCEGGS, and evolved to serve the School for many decades as a much-loved home for our boarders, and at its peak accommodated 100 students in residential accommodation on the School grounds.

When SCEGGS closed the Boarding House in 2001, Wilkinson House was adapted for use as classrooms. However, the design and ageing infrastructure is a significant constraint to the effective use as a modern learning facility.

With our plans for the adaptive re-use of Wilkinson House, we are determined to advance the opportunities available to every girl while honouring the heritage of the first century of Wilkinson House’s life in Darlinghurst This is essential to ensure we prepare every girl to meet the demands and challenges of our future workplaces and ensure we’re getting the most from our Darlinghurst home.

In 2021, we want to raise at least $12 million to redevelop this underutilised building to deliver new state-of-the-art classrooms, an extension to our Centenary Sports Hall and individual and small group areas to enhance the learning potential of all our students.

What do our new plans involve?

Phoebe MEAGHER (1998), Old Girl and Current Parent

“As an Old Girl and current parent at SCEGGS I have personally witnessed the impact the broader SCEGGS community can have on the life of a SCEGGS girl. By choosing to send our girls to SCEGGS, we value the opportunity that a SCEGGS education and network provides, but more importantly, the inclusive and supportive environment that flows through the veins of the school. These attributes are afforded through life long and generational support for the school. Providing the highest level of holistic and inclusive education stems not just from within the walls of the school, but well beyond. The generosity of the community will ensure a legacy of diverse and exceptional SCEGGS women well into the future.”