Historically SCEGGS has had a long commitment to social justice, diversity and opportunity and the SCEGGS Scholarship Fund has been set up to provide opportunities to those girls who would not otherwise be able to access a SCEGGS education. Supported by parents, Old Girls and friends of SCEGGS, the Scholarship Fund is an important part of the school’s history and future.

We want our students to bring with them a broad range of talents, skills and interests and to also come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. Our scholars strengthen our entire school, and we believe that a visible and vibrant scholarship Program teaches all our girls the values of diversity, tolerance, social justice and community service – all central to our ethos.

Every scholarship SCEGGS makes available has a purpose and all new scholarships will be means-tested. Our scholarships cover full or partial tuition and are designed to financially assist enthusiastic students, who without the financial support of a scholarship, would not be able to access a SCEGGS education. Our long-term goal is to have $20 million in the Scholarship Fund. We have raised almost $11 million but require an additional $9 million to fulfil our goal.

The Scholarship Fund’s next goal is the establishment of an Indigenous Scholarship Program in the Primary School.