As a thoughtful and considered community, we have developed a building Masterplan which will continue to enhance the SCEGGS site, by acknowledging the important influence physical space has on the learning process.

Our Stage 1 goal will be to undertake a major overhaul of Wilkinson House. Originally purchased as a block of flats, Wilkinson House became home to the School’s boarders in the 1960s. While small flats became cosy spaces for boarders at the time, Wilkinson House is now used for classrooms. This means amongst many things, teachers and students are restricted by inflexible and awkwardly shaped classrooms with limited natural light, as well as inefficient and unreliable technological connectivity. All something you would expect in a modern school.

Detailed planning and design have been carried out, and on approval and construction, the new Wilkinson House will deliver the first of the contemporary and accessible learning spaces under the Masterplan. We want to provide modern, flexible learning spaces, better use of all available areas and improve circulation and traffic flow. The redevelopment will also allow us to extend our sports facilities, with plans to connect the lower floor of Wilkinson to the current Sports Hall.

We know buildings alone do not make a school, but the best education warrants excellent facilities to support outstanding teachers. Therefore, we are seeking the support of our community to help us raise $10 million for the transformation of Wilkinson House.